Monday, August 29, 2011

Two for One, With a Choice String of Expletives

Where was I? Where am I? Why am I here?

Oh shit balls fuckstick hell nuts and butter.


It’s Monday night and it’s 9:13 and I’m sleepy. I skipped Sunday, which was a good day, and I was thinking about y’all; about this blog.

I had a great weekend. Sunday started off just swell with some time in the garden and then me frying some bacon, which I put on double fiber bread and allowed to share some stomach space with some instant oats and flax and a pint of OJ.

Waiting so long to chronicle the past day results in loss of detail, which results in faster reading, especially since today is Monday, which is a long, boring, frustrating day at the office. I’m digressing.

I didn’t really eat much in the way of a formal lunch yesterday.

Wait, I’m starting to have memories. The wife and I were feeling lazy yesterday morning, and lazy Sundays aren’t a bad thing, but we had to get ourselves moving so we went to the farmers’ market. We bought marketries. Some of these marketries included white peaches. I don’t eat peaches, but these aren’t bad, and I intend to eat one.

Lunch: I really didn’t eat much of one. I grazed. Nanners, apples, almonds…I don’t much remember. I remember going for a bike ride and still taking it easy because of the knee, and in the interest of taking it easy I’m not timing myself and I don’t know how far I rode. What I do know is I ended up at my favorite plant nursery because I was gonna buy a thing or two, but I rode up to see a “Going Out of Business SALE!” sign and I almost cried. Sersly. I let out audible NOs as I rode up, and it was an odd situation with so many plants gone and so many regulars and workers so sad to have the place closing. I was just there three weeks ago and everything seemed fine. Damn.

I’m still tired. I’m wondering if I’ll get to today. I may super-summarize.

Anyway, I bought some plants. I came home on my bike and went back in our truck and I bought some things, but pickin’s  were already slim so it’s not like I could rake in the natives or bring home lots of fruit trees—I got some lavender and a couple mimulus (monkey flowers) and some sort of grass that I forget the name of and a goji berry plant that needs some care and was expensive, but it was my one big gamble of the outing.

I got home again and went to Whole Foods for the week’s groceries. Then we made dinner, a tag-team affair, and it was badass. Cheeseburgers on the grill: bits of basil, oregano, green onion, and tomato (all from the garden) mixed into the beef with some soy sauce and fresh-ground pepper in there, too. I topped ‘em with swiss cheese. I harvest some miniature and reasonably normal-sized corn and grilled that, too. We deep-fried some red ‘taters, and Angie breaded and baked some zucchini she had cut into sticks and they turned out to be quite tasty as well. The burgers were put on whole wheat buns (lightly toasted on the insides), and I put ketchup and stone-ground mustard on mine. It was all delightful, and it looked like this.

The zook "fries" are right in front of the burger, to the left of the normal fries. Yes, I did eat both ears of corn. Andthe stein you see there is full of Stone’s 15th Anniversary Ale: that Imperial Black IPA--that kick in the palate. That masterpiece of craft brewing. The write-up on the bottle is worth sharing, but it’s probably in my recycling already and I’m too tired to deal with it. It’s long, but it’s brilliant and not just about beer. It’s damn-near inspiring. Beer.

The night ended in the usual way, and I surely drank a bit of wine and might have even read. I’m still not through the relatively short book I’ve been reading, but I’m close.

Then there was today, which started in the usual way: Liam, garden, shower, off to work. My good weekend mood came crashing down—no, it was more like being enveloped by a cloud of not-such-a-good-mood—as I drove onto the former Air Force base and headed into the office.

I was out of my chocolate so I just made a latte, and I ate my two packs of instant oatmeal and too many almonds and bounced on my ball (which I added some air to [it’s a GIANT ball, by the way]) and I worked. I snacked. I ate more almonds and a banana. I had PB&J for lunch with some BBQ chips. I kept wanting to get away from my desk but mostly failed until finishing a document review which had sent me into research radioactivity surveys. THAT I actually enjoyed. I like learning. I ended up sitting and discussing some things with my boss for a bit and that was pretty good, too.

~~I confess I’m checking my work email right now. And I have work emails. And I’m reviewing something. I sorta hate myself for it, so I’m gonna go close it and get back to this. Work can wait ‘til tomorrow.~~

Long work day, anyway, and I left the office after 5:00 and headed to the gym where I used the cardio machines no one knows the names for. I spent 15 minutes on the thing that’s like an elliptical machine except you can vary the incline and there is nothing to do with your hands. I spent 10 more minutes on this thing that’s like a recumbent bike except you CAN use your hands (like an elliptical machine) and you can “supercharge” the workout by having these periods where you just use your arms or your legs and the resistance jumps up and it’s a good workout, I guess. I think it’s called Octane something-or-other. I wrapped it up with a superset of some pullups and pushups. The pushups were variations with my feet on a ball or a bench and my hands on a bosu ball or the regular ball. I’m ripped.

I came home and, short story shorter, we declared a Whole Foods night and went there to buy pre-made dinners. I made myself a salad with spinach, romaine, carrots, beets, onions, broccoli, cheese, and Italian dressing (the croutons and dressing and some of the cheese I added at home), and I also ordered (from the cold section) some fried chicken breast tenders (3 for me, 1 for Liam) and garlic pasta (which isn’t whole wheat and always has some useless green stuff in it, which I have yet to figure out [although the ingredient card would surely tell me]). We came home. We ate. The night ended in the usual way.

Oh, as a surprise and break from routine, I had wine with my dinner (a bit of carmenere), and I’m drinking a glass of…barbera now, I think. I’m tired. I want to read. I want to finish this book. I’m not sure I’ll make it.

So good night, book-finishing aspirations. You’ll probably still be there in the morning, so maybe I’ll force it tomorrow. I have some errands to run tomorrow. The dogs need food. I have work to do. I need a vacation. Oh shit balls fuckstick hell nuts and butter.

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