Thursday, August 25, 2011

Starting in the Middle...Sorta

It’s funny how an email can sidetrack you. Irk you. Make you not want to write a blog entry.

Okay: ME. I’m talking about me here. Not you. Duh: it’s a blog that’s all about me. Ego satisfaction…sometimes.

Although maybe you experience the same thing.

I never start in the middle, so I will.

There was a bee death today. There were certainly several, but I saw one of them. Or the beginnings of it. I can’t claim I actually watched it die. That was after I ate and apple and someone asked me “Are you eating an onion?” and I told them no. I mean, who eats an onion like an apple?

It was also before I picked up Liam, who did his usual napping, and before I ate only pretzels for lunch (other than that apple) just because maybe I wasn’t hungry enough or I was feeling lazy or something. Maybe it’s because I was engrossed in my work. I didn’t eat much. I worked. Liam slept.

I’m tired. I’ve had a mild headache all day. You know I worked. You know I didn’t eat much of a lunch. You don’t know yet that my knee was feeling pretty solid today so I went and swam. I swam 40 minutes, which means around a mile but I’m starting to not count my laps anymore, especially when I swim at this other pool.

I swam at this other pool today.

I kicked the whole time—no pull buoy. I’ve promised myself I won’t try to run or bike until next week. Healing takes time. And/or magic.

Swimming isn’t the best headache cure, I don’t think. Tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back isn’t known for curing headaches. I did feel a bit better after my swim, but then I also didn’t, so essentially I just got my swim done. I think the Geico caveman was hanging out by the pool. It’s the second time I’ve seen him there.

I soaked. I steamed. I sauna…d.

Just for narrative confusion, I had an “Everything Bagel” toasted with butter today, and they actually gave me butter, not cream cheese. In fact, it was buttered FOR me. That’s right. And I drank a mocha.

Liam woke up around 3:00am and I got up to try to help him back to sleep. He slept, but I didn’t, and he wouldn’t be put down, and this headache had started and I really needed to pee, so after moving from the rocker to the bean bag then finally taking Liam into bed (about 60 minutes after he’d initially woken up), I peed. I laid in bed and went back to sleep. It was a bit after 4:00am.

I had weird dreams. I HATE dreaming.

I woke up after Liam did (again) around 6:45 and went out to the garden by myself this time. I watered. I came in and drank a bit of Blue Machine. I showered. I left for work.

I’ve been sitting on my ball all day at work lately. Or all morning. It has replaced my chair. I bounce on it. I roll on it. I did 25 pushups with my feet up on it. I get comments on it because it looks like so much fun or because some people think it’s weird.

I got a fan in my office today. A mini fan, but I was able to make it blow directly on me and it sure did feel nice—I stopped sweating. Not that work isn’t WAY more fun when you’re sitting at your computer and feeling sweat drip down your sides, but the fan: it was a nice change.

I’m inexplicably annoyed about things I can’t write about here, which is fine, I guess, since I already declared these things inexplicable. To explain would make me a liar.

Work. Huh. Good times.

It was date night and we went to Matteo’s, a local place that’s badass that I’ve surely already talked about. I had 2 glasses of a red wine—some blend from Lodi—and Angie and I split a salad (greens, cubed carrots and cucumber [the latter of which I avoided because I hate it], and a balsamic vinaigrette), I ate a couple slices of a parmesan garlic bread, and my main course was fettuccine alfredo with chicken. I gave some bits of chicken to Liam. He was in a great mood today. He looked like such a little boy today, partially because my wife bought him new clothes and shoes yesterday.

I thought I lost one of my debit cards, then realized I’d just put it in a weird place in my wallet, so that was bad then good and also odd. I’m a man of routine.

Following routine, we went to Cold Stone and got ice cream. Mine: a Like It of cake batter with Kit Kat bar and M&Ms mixed in. I like getting M&Ms mixed into my ice cream because the colors run and it makes it pretty. I like to eat pretty.

We got home and it was mostly dark—not fully dark, but mostly dark. The days are getting noticeably shorter. I had some garden chores to do and a few things that NEEDED to be harvested, so I strapped on the headlamp and went outside while Angie bathed Liam. We brushed his teeth. We read to him. Angie got him to sleep. I drank a glass of wine. We…snuggled.

And here I am, drinking another glass of wine to try to get myself to sleep, smelling my cats and thinking how gross cats are and how I’d be okay with not having any but at least one of the cats we have will outlive both our dogs. Shit. I hate that. And I don’t get this whole cat thing anymore. I need to go to bed and get away from the stink of cat shit. Cats: yuck. Kittens sure are cute, though.

So goodnight, non-kittens, and work-annoyances: you’ll both still be here in the morning. Some I’ll confront before others. I’m betting Liam will be at the office with me for a bit in the morning. But until then….

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