Monday, August 15, 2011

Short. Tired. Bum Knee. Dang.

I’m so tired tonight. So very, very tired. Part of it was brought on by going to bed late. The other part was brought on by Liam waking up at around 3:30 and not being real willing to go back to sleep. Add a touch of work, a screwed up knee, and an insane number of static shocks at the grocery, and I guess you get me right now.

I tried to catch extra Zs. I was in bed a bit late, but no matter. No extra Zs. Up. Shower. Later than I prefer to be to work. Zombie. Hide it. Oatmeal with flax. Mocha. A bit better….

I’m so tired and it was my long day at the office, so I won’t go into boring details. My knee left knee is messed up, and I’m not sure why. I ran yesterday, and it was a bit longer than my recent distances, but it was also highly broken up with berry-searching/eating and dog play. I didn’t notice anything during my run. I just ran. I played. I ate berries. I felt a bit tight in the quads when I got home, especially the left one, so I stretched it and it just felt…too tight right above my knee. I didn’t think much of it, then I realized it hurt when I’d squat and stand up out in the garden. I still didn’t think TOO much of it, then I woke up this morning and it was swollen. No intense pain. No redness. It’s basically fine unless I bend my ankle to my butt or lift my weight with it. R.I.C.E. (Where the C stands for wine.) I hope it gets better soon. I’ll take it easy.

The knee means I can’t run. I won’t bike or anything right now, and that sucks. I’ll give it a few days. But I can still do SOME things. I sat on my exercise ball in my office. I did 25 pushups. Later I did 20 pushups with my feet up on the ball. I also did reverse pushups hanging from my desk, which isn’t enough to allow full extension, but it still does something.

I didn’t have much for lunch today: a banana, an apple, and the rest of a bag of potato chips that has been in my office for weeks now and somehow those chips weren’t stale and I was out of other things to eat other than more oatmeal, sooooooo…I ate all those chips. I drank a lot of water. I wished I could have done more, but I couldn’t, and we all have to deal with those things from time to time.

Hence, I just left the office a bit later than I like to (‘cause I’d gotten there later than I like to) and came home. Angie left for a run and I took Liam to Whole Foods and got what we didn’t get at the farmers’ market. I came home to some gardening, Angie made tacos (variety, I know), I drank a couple of beers, I just finished my wine, and I’m going to bed.

~~I should take a moment to pay homage to native plants, but I’m too tired. I started, then deleted because I’m just too darn tired.~~

So goodnight, mock-orange that I thought was dead when I planted you. You’ve surprised me with new growth despite your neglect, and you validate my love of the natives. 

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